Pump Solutions, Inc. proudly represents Feluwa Hose Diaphragm positive displacement pumps. Feluwa Pumpen GmbH is a member of the ARCA Flow Group with over 100 years of corporate history. Feluwa builds only hermetically sealed positive displacement pumps, and therefore has become very specialized and focused in what is otherwise a diversified, scattered industry. Additionally, all Feluwa pumps are designed, manufactured and tested under one roof in Murlenbach, Germany. Wide hydraulic coverage, excellent engineering, manufacturing, quality, service and product development make them the clear choice for specialty positive displacement pumps.

Typical Industries Served: Petrochemical Processing, Power, Metals, Hydrocarbon Processing, General Industrial.
Typical Application: abrasive and or corrosive positive displacement (spray drier, gasification, injection, pipeline slurry, etc.). 

Feluwa Pumps Model MULTISAFE

Double Hose Diaphragm Positive Displacement


  • Wide hydraulic coverage (up to 4,500 gpm).
  • High Pressure capability (up to 7500 psig).
  • Hermetically sealed – leak proof design.
  • Pulsation dampening for uniform flow.
  • Integral PSV on hydraulic side (not process side).
  • Multiple check valve designs to suit every application.
  • Special materials available.
  • Ideal for Abrasive services.
  • Ideal for corrosive services.
  • Condition monitoring for hose diaphragms and valves available.